Before setting individual goals, you’ll first want to determine what the overall goals and expectations of your team or company are. A great book to read is Start with Why by Simon Sinek. This book outlines the importance of starting with why in order to set the expectations of your company and employees.

Once you’ve determined the “why”, you should be able to set overall goals for your team to achieve the mission. Goals to support the mission could be based on a quantifiable metric or an intangible quality score. Whatever the goal make sure it’s measurable, explainable and always aligns with your “why”. Continue reading SET GOALS AND EXPECTATIONS FOR YOUR TEAM


If you read and applied the principles found the post HOW TO HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE, this post should come easily. If you find it difficult to trust your team, you really don’t trust yourself to make a good hiring decision.

Because, as managers, we are confident in our abilities, I can assume you are confident in your ability as a manager to judge character, skill and personality, and ultimately hired the right candidate for the job. Now trust them to live up to your expectations. Continue reading TRUST YOUR TEAM