If you read and applied the principles found the post HOW TO HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE, this post should come easily. If you find it difficult to trust your team, you really don’t trust yourself to make a good hiring decision.

Because, as managers, we are confident in our abilities, I can assume you are confident in your ability as a manager to judge character, skill and personality, and ultimately hired the right candidate for the job. Now trust them to live up to your expectations. Continue reading TRUST YOUR TEAM


This post goes hand in hand with my previous post, TRUST YOUR TEAM. Without trust you will never inspire confidence. To inspire confidence you need to first and foremost allow people to fail. This may seem counter intuitive, but in reality it is the foundation to build confidence. Fear of failure is the number one reason people never take risks. And since risk-taking is the number one trait of successful people, your team will never be successful if they are afraid to fail.