Recipe App

Recipe App

PROBLEM: Take our recipes database and design an app to allow our users to find recipes, shop for ingredients and cook favorite recipes.

METHOD: I worked on this project with another designer. I created the information architecture and metadata that drove the functionality of the app.

I had to research using to understand what metadata we had and what we need. Once I identified what was needed, I worked with the business to add these fields into the CMS and added to 1,000s of recipes.

I looked at what competitors were doing in the recipe app space to find out where we could meet users needs as well as differentiate ourselves. I then created the wireframes to show what information was most important to users.

I worked with the designer to build the user flow for the app and help identify what screens were needed.

He then designed the final app. Unfortunately, he left before the project was deployed and a few months later I took over the final designs. I made a few tweaks to bring the design up to our current component library specifications.

RESULT: Although we got a lot of positive user feedback within the App Store and Google Play for the UI, the app was eventually killed due to a change in our CMS that caused the app to be extremely bugging. That along with the lack of marketing for the project caused the project to fail. Lesson learned: make sure the project has the backing of all stakeholders and marketing teams to ensure longevity of the product.

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