About me


I am a likable and accomplished UX Designer and Information Architect with over 13 years of experience applying user centered design principles toward eCommerce and app development. Passionate about creating innovative, scalable, and user-centered solutions across various platforms that exceed business objectives. Expert in user-centered design processes with a diverse background in content strategy and project management. Extensive experience in applying a range of research and analytical tools to create successful solutions within the realities of business objectives. Proven history of leading and empowering teams to create experiences users love.

Why is “v2 a lie”? This site started with a frustration towards MVPs that are not actually “viable” because core features of the overall product vision were ripped out just to get a product live. It would often be stated that those features would be added into v2 of the product – we’re being “agile“. However, too often I see a lack of iteration within a product lifecycle. V1/MVP exists in the market for far too long, impacting usability and retention or even cause harm to your users. You may only get one chance to impress a user. If your v1 doesn’t impress, they won’t even be around for v2.

I aim to change the perception of “v2 is a lie” by delivering not just viable products to market, but amazing products in v1.

Eric has endless drive, commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of perfection.

— Jason McFarlane

Here is some of my latest work:

Home Page & Navigation


GOAL: Provide the an improved user experience and increase business KPIs. The site needed to help new users understand all the site’s services and offerings, while providing personalized merchandizing zones for returning users.

Search & Category


GOAL: Identify areas of user frustration and friction for users landing on SRPs and utilizing navigation menus. Implement best practices for taxonomy and categorization heuristics.

Product Page


GOAL: Bring the PDP up to modern E-Commerce usability and SEO standards using industry best practices. Identify other areas to improve on promotion and pricing strategies.



GOAL: Provide better explanation of final price after discounts and improve price clarity. Help increase conversion for items on promotion and reduce CS contacts due to cart confusion.

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