This is the one of my first posts because it is ultimate the most important topic for any manager. Even if you are taking over an established team or are not currently hiring, DO NOT skip this post. You will at some point be in a capacity to hire directly or to influence the hiring decisions and you’ll wish you hadn’t skip it.

When beginning the hiring process you will likely first get a stack of resumes to sift through. If you receive resumes electronically, kill a tree and print them out. Grab a highlighter and identify the skills and traits about the individual that align with your team’s goals and needs. Be critical. If you need someone with a high attention to detail, but the resume is lousy with spelling and grammar errors, make a note of that. As you go through the resume try to paint a picture of what this individual would look like on your team. Are they motivated? Do they have a clear career path? Are they confident or insecure? These are all things you should be able to gather by reading between the lines of their resume. Continue reading HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE