Why V2 is a lie

In the countless projects I have had the privilege to work on, I’ve set many a business requirement based on user research, data analytics and plain ol’ experience. In the process of determining the scope and roadmap of the project, the Project Manager will break of the project into bite-sized iterations, an MVP if you will (MVP is a dirty word in my book, but that is for another place and another time).

In an effort to give the product team and stakeholders an exiguous amount of hope, the project manager will say, “we’ll include that in the v2 requirements”. Don’t believe them.


V2 requirements will be placed on a shelf to die. Once the “MVP” is released, the business moves on to the next “big idea”. And forgets all about the previous project. V2 isn’t sexy. They are often not major features, but they were designed to be part of the whole.

I’ve been on both sides of the coin – the business owner who wanted the feature and the information architect who helped design the feature. On both sides it is discouraging to see V2 gather dust and wither away.

As an Information Architect I have helped to bring understanding to Project Managers, stakeholders and executives that v2 is imperative and iteration MUST be included in the roadmap. They do listen, I promise.

V2 does not need to be a lie.