7 Habits of Unsuccessful People

No one ever sets out to be unsuccessful, it just seems to happen along the way. You may think it was just bad luck or the economy or a series of random events, but it’s not. If you truly want to be successful stop doing the following behaviors of unsuccessful people. 1. Blame Others for […]

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Developing a Better UX Organization

Inspired by a Peter Merholz lecture at IA Summit 2015: To deliver great user experiences, it’s not just about getting the best design out the door. It starts with getting the organization right. There are different organizational models to deliver great UX. Each has strengths and weaknesses. The most common organization model is a decentralized […]

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This is the one of my first posts because it is ultimate the most important topic for any manager. Even if you are taking over an established team or are not currently hiring, DO NOT skip this post. You will at some point be in a capacity to hire directly or to influence the hiring […]